Blogface Blogs – There’s No Place Like Home?

Freemasons Hall

No, it’s not my house. I wish! It’s one of the lovely buildings near where I live in Cambridge England. For years my wife and I have been travelling and now documenting our travels. After a while our trips started to blend into each other.

“What was that restaurant we went to in Hamburg?”
“Oh no that was in Munich!”

That type of thing. A couple of years ago my wife and I decided to write everything down in the form of a blog. This was the main motivation for Blogface Blogs, I’ve just added another couple of categories because the same goes with everything else in my life.

Primarily for ourselves and if it helps anyone else in the process it will be a bonus. Hence the Travel Blog. The difficult thing was designing the website. That done we can now post our visits.

Then I thought, what else do I know about? My career since 1980 has been in the driver training and road safety industry. There is nothing that I haven’t experienced in teaching people to drive and road safety, so…hence the Driving blog too.

My passion is also food. So why not include that for good measure hence the Recipes Blog.

Some time ago I was looking for a domain name that sounded ‘bloggy’ and wasn’t already taken. Found one eventually hence Blogface Blogs.

Don’t get us wrong we love where we live. Cambridge is such a beautiful city. We also love to see how other people live and always wonder if the grass is any greener, having tried living abroad from our experience it’s not. We always categorize a city as whether we would like to live there or not but ultimately home is where you are the most happiest.

Too many things to write about and so little time.