About Us


Maria & Ray outside Opera in Munich, Germany

This web site is about us and our travel ideas. We’ve been striving to provide ourselves with a documented account of our travels around the world. We have travelled to a few countries and as we’re  getting older places are starting to merge into one. So documenting our travelling and visits to other countries and our own, we thought might be of use to other travellers too. We have tried to be as objective as possible commenting on where we stayed where we’ve eaten and the sights we have seen.

So far we have travelled to Europe, Austria, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Rhodes, Cyprus, Turkey,  and the USA, New York City, Atlantic City, Philidelphia, Orlando, Las Vegas, San Fansisco and seen the sights The Grand Canyon, Yosemite National Park, flown over the Statue of Liberty by helicopter and more.

Members of the family have travelled as far as India, Thailand & Australia but we are still waiting for their contribution to this blog. It will be posted as soon as possible. We won’t hold our breath…

To our blogface site we have added a couple of other passions of ours. Food & Road Safety. Not necessarily in that order or together.

We will post recipes from around the world as we get them. It will be great if anyone has any recipes to post and share. We love vacations, love all food and  love driving.

We hope you enjoy them.

Ray & Maria 🙂