Arab Sheikh wants to buy England

An Arab Sheikh had promised gifts to his three sons. When they were asked what they would really love from their multi-billionare father, the oldest 17 year old young prince asked for a private plane of his own. His father then went out and bought a beautifully customised Jet with leather uphostery and every electronic gadgets that you can think of, with a pilot that was ready to take him anywhere in the world at a moments notice.

The second 15 year old son, when asked what he would like requested a car. His devoted father went out and bought him a beautiful diamond studded Lamborghini Veyron. Chauffeur driven to take him anywhere he wanted until he was old enough to drive it for himself.

The third and youngest 10 year son with no expense spared was about to get the England Football Team from his father. The young prince distraught and in floods of tears. When asked what the matter was he said “All I asked for was a Micky Mouse Outfit!”

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