Cologne (Köln) Germany

Another nice German City to visit. We have been to Cologne a couple of times. Hotels were up to a good standard as usual. Flights from London Stansted Airport to Köln Bonn are approx 1 hour, the good news is that you can fly with German Wings and with RyanAir.

The journey from the Cologne airport to central station takes about 15-20 minutes, the S-Bhan leaves every 20 minutes (every 30 minutes late evening) you can take the S13 to Köln Hauptbahnhof (main station) or Köln Hbf for short.

High speed trains also travel to Cologne from Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Hamburg and Paris.

Cologne’s main train station is located in the heart of the city, right next to the famous cathedral, the Dom. Subway, bus, taxi and car rental connections can all be made upon arrival. In addition to all of the transportation options, shoppers will find a little shopping mall under the tracks. It is pleasant and convenient enough to appeal to shoppers who are NOT even traveling!

Sightseeing Tour Bus outside the Cathedral

Sightseeing Tour Bus outside the Cathedral

The tour bus is worth the trip, leaves outside Tourist Information office near the Cathedral. The City Centre large enough to shop till you drop. The gargantuan Cathedral is definitely worth some time.

There is also a large square there things like this go on….Here is the German Lady Gaga.

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Cable Car in Cologne

Cologne Cable Car over the River Rhine

Cologne Cable Car over the River Rhine

The River Rhine and view of the Cathedral taken from the Cable Car.

One of the Cologne Streets with a gate at the end.

One of the many beer bikes around the city. Cycle as you drink.


Medium sized burger in Essen XXL at Luxemburgerstr, Klettenberg. Big food if you’re hungry.



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