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Munich Germany

Set in Bavaria Munich is a beautiful city with traditional breweries and eating houses. Journey from the UK is easy. Flying from Stansted Airport 1 1/2 hours and you’re there. This was not our first trip there.


Hilton Munich City Hotel

We stayed for 5 nights at the Hilton Munich City. This hotel is in a great location. It is situated just above the S-bahn Rosenheimer Strasse Station. The S8 takes about 30 minutes direct from the Airport and cost around 10 Euros so a lot cheaper than getting a taxi. Even if it is raining you will not get wet as it has its very own entrance from the station. Just follow the ‘Gasteig’ Exit, then the signs to the Hilton. The hotel itself is very clean and the staff all speak English. There is free internet in the lobby with 2 computer terminals and a printer to use. You can even plug in your own laptop too. The room has a large 40in LCD TV. It also has 4 English TV channels BBC1, BBC2, ITV1 and ITV2. You can even help yourself to apples at reception. The breakfast was plentiful. Even though it was busy we didn’t have to queue. There is a chef too who will make you your chosen omelette or fried eggs if you prefer. The lifts were very fast. You can walk to the city centre in about 15-20 mins, or just hop on the S-bahn train.

The Germans are known to be very polite and tolerant of visitors. Being from the UK I join many of my countrymen in the lack of our ability to speak any other language apart from English. I have asked on many occasions by muttering the phrase “do you speak English?” the reply usually comes back “a little”. That little generally happens to be quite a lot. I have never had any problems with language in Germany.

So far Munich has to be one of our favourite cities in Germany. The history and the architecture are amazing.

There are many things to do in Munich. Firstly, you have to take the sightseeing bus leaving and dropping off from many parts of the city. There is also a stop at the Olympic Park and the BMW Museum. Both worth a stop, you can jump off and jump on again with no time limit. You can find an example of a sightseeing bus company here.

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Transport in an around Munich is simple. There are the S-bahn and U-bahn. Trams and buses. Simple system, buy your ticket from the machine they have options for English and many other languages. Look at the simple map of either the S or U bahn, both are quite easy to understand. Make sure you get the ticket stamped from one of the many stamping machines to validate it. The information is given for the direction of travel usually the end station and the due time. The S-bahn Munich website is in German but if you Google S-bahn Munich it should have an option to translate this website in your language.


Munich City Hall in Marienplatz

Shopping is great in Munich it has a great city centre with hundreds of shops in one place. You have to allocate yourself a couple of days for shopping.

Must visit the Englisher Garten. It is called that because it is modeled on an English park. It’s quite large so you need a good pair of walking shoes or hiring a bicycle might be an idea. There is an indoor restaurant and outdoor food as well outdoor sitting. Just get in the queue, choose what you want get your drink and pay at the cash desk on exit. There is a 1 Euro deposit for glasses which is returned when you give them back. The food as usual is really good.

[su_slider source=”media: 695,694,697,693″ width=”340″ height=”255″ autoplay=”0″]A visit to Munich is not complete without a visit to The Hofbrauhus. It’s almost always completely packed. You just need to find yourself a table and squeeze on it. Be prepared to wait a little for service. The staff are flat out, so you just grab a menu (English ones are available) and be prepared to order as soon as they come over. It has seating for 3500 people so it’s very loud but there is some order to the chaos, each member of staff runs their own secton. I’ve been there a couple of times on past visits and the quality of the food has always been good and beers were ice cold.The traditional German band playing added to the superb and lively atmosphere.

Have a look at Radius Tours, I’ve tried them and proved to be very good, these leave from Munich Central Station. Other tours include:

Neuschwanstein Castle
A day in Salzburg Austria
Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial
Hitler & Third Reich Tour
Nuremberg – City of Empires
After Dark: the Ghost Tour
Oktoberfest Tour
Art Tour
Augsburg Day Trip
Herrenchiemsee Tour

We’ve visited Munich 3 or 4 times in the past and still get excited at the thought of visiting this wonderful city again.

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