Salzburg Austria

During July we went to Salzburg Austria by train from Munich Central Station. We booked the Salzburg trip from Radius Tours in Munich Central Station.


We’d booked several tours from them in the past and they proved to be efficient and fun. We met on the morning of travel and split into manageable groups with different tour guides.  A roll call was taken and we made our way to the platform to pick-up our train to Salzburg, Austria. The platform was extremely busy with other travellers. Our tour guide did a great job keeping the group together. The journey to Salzburg was two hours on probably one of the worst trains I have ever experienced in Germany. Very soon into the journey the toilets were full to overflowing and the air conditioning did not work. With no opening windows it was like a sauna. The group was split up due to the lack of seats. The tour guide did a great job at keeping us informed and updated us regularly with information and announcements.

We eventually arrived in Austria and made our way to the places of interest. It was clear that Salzburg is a beautiful place and would require a few days to fully appreciate its sights. However, we were only there for the day and had to do the best we could in that time. The first place we passed was Christian Doppler’s house and place of birth. We then made our way over the bridge with the padlocks. There was a market with stalls positioned along the river which had some beautiful arts and crafts.


 Christian Doppler’s House where he was born. He was a mathematician who is best known for the Doppler effect in wave theory.


Our Tourguide location just over the bridge ‘Lovers Lock’ bridge. This was our predetermined meeting point when we were let loose on Salzburg for 3 hours. The pink t-shirt made him easier to spot amongst the crowds.


Padlock on Makartsteg Bridge also known as Lovers Lock Bridge. People symbolize their everlasting love by fixing a padlock on the with their names or initials on the bridge and throwing the key into the river.

Salzburg has a couple of famous sons and to top it all was where The Sound of Music was filmed. Mirabell Gardens was one of them.

Pegasus Fountain in Mirabell Gardens

Pegasus Fountain in Mirabell Gardens

Pegasus Fountain in Mirabell Gardens. This was where Maria and the children ran around the edge singing.

Mirabell Garden Steps

Mirabell Garden Steps

We passed through a couple of other spectacular gardens with fountains where more of The Sound of Music was filmed. Eventually we arrive in the centre where we were shown where Amadeus Motzart’s house was. We didn’t have time to walk around the house so settled for taking a photo of the outside.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s House where he was born.

If you turn left at Mozart’s house this will take you past the town hall to Dom square.


Cafe Tomaselli Seit 1703 in Dom Square, proported to be one of the oldest cafes in Europe.


Dom Square


Horse Fountain in Dom Square. For those of you who are familiar with the Sound of Music film this is where Maria came for a drink after leaving the Nunnery.

A 10 minute walk up the steep hill will take you to Maria’s Nunnery.


Entrance to Benediktnen Frauenstift Nunnberg


Benediktnen Frauenstift Nunnberg.  Nunnery where Maria lived.

Walking back down the hill was certainly easier. On the way down we decided to take the cable car or Festungbahn ride up the hill to the Fortress/Castle, Festung Hohensalzburg. The building of this was commenced around 1077 and since then refurbished. During it’s history was used to keep Italian prisoners during world war I.


View from Cable Car to Festung Hohensalzburg Castle

Festung Hohensalzburg Castle

Festung Hohensalzburg Castle


Hohe Stock in Inner Courtyard


Cannon in ‘cannon alley’

Chapel of Archbishop Leonard von Keutschach

Chapel of Archbishop Leonard von Keutschach

There is a lot more to the Festung Hohensalzburg Castle but beyond the scope of this blog but well worth the visit.

My Daughter visited the Salzburg Christmas Market recently so here are a few photo’s from her too. She didn’t know that these photo’s ware going to go on the blog otherwise she would have taken more of the actual market. But herewith….


christmas-market-salzburg christmas-market-salzburg.-singersjpg
christmas-market-salzburg.-02jpg christmas-market-salzburg.-03jpg
gluhwein christmas-market-salzburg 2

All having been said Salzburg was well worth visiting. It was a great day out but wished we had a longer stay. We may do this on another visit.

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